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Encouraging growth

Personal growth and professional development are receiving a growing amount of attention. Assessment is becoming increasingly more important for measuring, recognising and classifying acquired knowledge and skills. We believe that intuitive assessment software is a powerful instrument for encouraging growth in an effective, flexible and efficient manner.

Our mission

Whatever stage you have reached in your career, there is always room for personal growth and professional development. Citrus Andriessen’s mission is to help you progress by providing state-of-the-art software that can be used anywhere at any time.

Partner in online assessments

We regard our clients as partners with whom we work on a project or structural basis to improve online assessment methods. Citrus Andriessen not only devises solutions, we also provide implementation and support services. We take as much work off your hands as necessary. Our concrete approach has enabled numerous clients to excel in the new digital landscape. We work with our clients to help them make transition from paper based to online assessments or to bring the online assessment to a higher level.


Optimum Assessment Platform

Optimum Assessment is Citrus Andriessen’s digital assessment platform. Thanks to the latest technology, Optimum Assessment is not only secure and reliable, it is also fully interactive. With nine advanced modules, you can easily design, host, monitor and analyse assessments.

Your Partner in Online Assessment



Since 1990, we have stood out because of our highly acclaimed technology and in-depth expertise in online assessments, examination and certification. As a pioneer in online testing, 30 years ago we launched the first SaaS solution in the Netherlands: TeleToets. A stable, secure and above all user-friendly online assessment environment. Over the years TeleToets has been replaced by the more innovative and modular Optimum Assessment Platform.


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