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TeleToets: improve your assessment logistics

Citrus Andriessen has provided support for online assessments for 25 years. We work with online software that does not require users to install anything. TeleToets is one of the most advanced online assessment systems and it has excellent scores for security, stability and reliability. The platform automates and simplifies all your assessment logistics – from registration for exams to printing certificates.

Whether you are making the transition from paper based to online assessments or wish to optimise your existing online assessment procedures, TeleToets will improve your organisation. Examination boards, government agencies, educational institutions, and professional and trade organisations use TeleToets to hold millions of exams every year.

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Consultants who find solutions

Together with you, our consultants will do everything they can to answer your questions. We succeed because we have a wide range of in-house technical and educational specialists. We also oversee the implementation of new software.

In-house programmers

Citrus Andriessen not only gives advice but also develops its own software. Our in-house programmers are available to assist you develop tailored solutions, such as API’s to exchange data between programs or websites. We would be pleased to set up a custom link to optimise your operating processes.


A service desk that will help you move forward

You can largely organise the assessment process on your own. However easy this may be, you will always run into issues in the daily use of your system that cannot be resolved immediately. Our staff are there for you. They are familiar with your situation and know what software you use so that they can quickly help you, even at weekends if necessary.

"We work with online software that does not require users to install anything"

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