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Optimum Assessment Platform

Optimum Assessment is Citrus Andriessen’s digital assessment platform. Thanks to the latest technology, Optimum Assessment is not only secure and reliable, it is also fully interactive. With nine advanced modules, you can easily design, host, monitor and analyse assessments.

Flexible end-to-end solution
Formative and summative assessments
User-friendly and intuitive

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Optimum Sprint

Get a grip on your employees’ knowledge levels and encourage growth and development with Optimum Sprint. The software solution for practical and targeted assessment.

Interactive and efficient

Optimum Sprint is an interactive measuring instrument with which you can easily obtain insight into the training and development needs of your employees. At the same time, this module enables you to provide immediate feedback to encourage further growth and development. Experience the convenience of Optimum Sprint in designing and conducting on-the-job assessments. Use predefined content or create your own complete assessment from scratch. Then distribute the assessment via any preferred device and offer employees the freedom to take an assessment at any location they choose – at home, at the office or simply on the go.

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