Consultants who find solutions

Together with you, our consultants will do everything they can to answer your questions. We succeed because we have a wide range of in-house technical and educational specialists. We also oversee the implementation of new software.

All-round test support

In addition to knowledge of software development, we also have in-house testing expertise. Our consultants are happy to help you make the right choices when (further) designing your testing process. Because how do you structure a question bank? Which type of question fits best with what you are testing? And how do you formulate questions?

Citrus Andriessen is also your partner in digital testing. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide support wherever required. Please contact us for further information. Are you about to take a digitisation step or is it time for a technical update? We will be happy to assist you with:

  • Technical project leadership.
  • All-round advice on examination.
  • Advice on test cycle (test development, test taking, assessment, result feedback and complaints handling).
  • Supervision of professional experts in drawing up final and test qualifications.
  • Exit and test qualifications.
  • Organisation/design of item bank.
  • Process and role descriptions test development, determination and examination board.
  • Advice on examination regulations.
  • Guidance on test development and determination.
  • Secretarial support of the examination board.
  • Training of professionals involved (test makers, assessors, examination board members and proofreaders/assessors).
  • Design and implementation of exam maintenance and management.
  • Analysing test technical (quality) data.

A service desk that will help you move forward

You can largely organise the assessment process on your own. However easy this may be, you will always run into issues in the daily use of your system that cannot be resolved immediately. Our staff are there for you. They are familiar with your situation and know what software you use so that they can quickly help you.

In-house programmers

Citrus Andriessen not only gives advice but also develops its own assessmentsoftware. Our in-house programmers are available to assist you to implement your solution by creating API’s to exchange data between programs or websites for example. We would be pleased to assist you to optimise your operating processes.


What can we do to support your organisation?