Complex processes require simple and reliable solutions

Secure and reliable assessments

High quality online assessments have to meet strict requirements. This is the reason why Citrus Andriessen ensures that its systems are stable and work trouble-free in every situation.

Transition from paper based to online assessments

Online assessments are modular, flexible and high quality. With currently available technology, nothing stands in the way of making the transition to online assessments.

The next step in online assessments

Is your organisation getting the most out of online assessments or have you digitised ‘paper’ methods? Co-innovating with Citrus Andriessen unburdens your organisation and optimally matches assessment logistics to candidates’ needs.

Innovative learning and assessment solutions

Citrus Andriessen has all the educational and technical disciplines in house to develop tailored solutions and linked systems. We have a comprehensive understanding of educational and assessment terminology and we can ensure full integration with e-learning, CRM or web portal platforms.

Online proctoring: trouble-free exam hosting

There are endless possibilities for hosting exams. With our network, anyone in the Netherlands can be at a test location within an hour. Citrus Andriessen can also provide all the necessary facilities to enable candidates to take exams at work or at home.


Do you have any questions about our solutions?

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