From paper based to online assessments

Online assessments are modular, flexible and high quality. With currently available technology, nothing stands in the way of making the transition to online assessment. Furthermore, there are plenty of options for continuing to use paper for specific elements. Paper-based tests can, for example, be scanned and automatically processed.

With online assessments, unique paper copies are not needed anymore. If you work online, you can build up an item/test question database from which you can pick or compile an exam. Citrus Andriessen would be happy to think with you about setting up an item database and the procedures for registration for and taking an exam, and processing the results.

"Make the transition in a way that suits your organisation."

Statistical data simplifies monitoring and improving the quality of exams. Modifications to questions are logged and the item construction flow is easy to follow.

Because you can hold exams anywhere and at any time, online assessment is much better suited to the busy lives of candidates. Holding exams for groups or in a classroom setting is of course still an option, but it has not been strictly necessary for a long time. Citrus Andriessen helps you find out what your candidates want.


Are you ready to make the transition from paper based to online assessments?